Thursday, December 8, 2011

What to do with Sears Gift Certificates? 10/$1 tomorrow at Ultimate Rewards Shopping Portal

Sears 10 points per dollar at Ultimate Rewards Mall

Tommorow one will be receiving 10 points per dollar for Sears. I plan on completing my 4 CitiCard spends by purchasing $3,000 worth of Sears Gift Certificates, for 30,000 Chase points. In order to use them up, I probably will spend $1,000 or so at, a Kmart online store where you can order groceries and small appliances and pick them up at your local Kmart. I hate food shopping so this really works for me! But that is not all, I plan on going through a shopping portal to accrue more points. I'm not sure if I can go through Ultimate Rewards from Sears to get to, if I can, depending on the points at the time, if they remain 6 points per dollar then I will accrue an additional 6,000 points. If not, then I will go through Mr. Rebates for an additional 6%, giving me back $60+$7.50 (bonus) see below, for a total of $67.50! See below (from

Then, I will spend an additional $1,000 at Kmart when the Ultimate Rewards Mall increases their rewards for Kmart (maybe next holiday season). Or, just accept the 5 bonus points per dollar spent at Kmart for an additional 5,000 points when I need items from Kmart or when they have a good sale. Plus, now through February 29th, Visa is offering a discount of $25 on Kmart orders of $125 purchased through the Visa shopping portal, see below.

I will spend about $200 at (gaining me 2,000 points (7.3%)), I hope this one works out because you can't earn miles for through the Ultimate Rewards Shopping Portal. Anyways, I love the Landsend T shirts, so its worth it for me.

With the additional $800 Sears Gift Cards I will go to Sears and Kmart and exchange them for many Gift Cards to places like Ebay, Barnes & Nobles etc.. I will probably do a combination of selling these gift cards and purchasing items online through Ultimate Rewards for more points.

GIFT CARD WEEKEND January 6-8, 2011

It is not very clear what exactly we will be able to get, but apparently there will be lots of bonus' from lots of retailers. They will be continuously updating the retailers participating, but right now the participating retailers listed are:
Regal Cinemas
and hopefully some of the retailers of the Gift Cards sold at Sears and Kmart!
"Like" them on Facebook for a chance to win free Gift Cards.
I will be writing more about this as soon as more details are given.

So for $3,000 spend, I will be able to finish my spend on my 4 Citi Cards spend and will have 300,000 American Airlines miles, I will gain at least 41,000 Ultimate Reward Points, I will have lots of groceries from (Kmart) and hopefully lots of money from the sale of the Gift Cards? Well, this is the plan and you know the plan can always change!

How will you be using your Sears Gift Cards?

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