Monday, February 13, 2012

Earn Cashback from Online Shopping - Plus, Earn Money Referring Family & Friends

Do you shop alot? Then I hope you shop online to earn free money, points and/or miles!!!

Thanks to a tip from one of my readers, I found out about a website called This website lists a comparison of shopping portals and their cashback rewards for online stores. Another site that lists the stores by alphabetical order is In the past, I have written about, which lists points/miles rewards and the most popular cashback sites (Bigcrumbs, Ebates, MrRebates etc..) with shopping portals, which I absolutely love and use all the time. In my opinion it is much more worthwhile earning points/miles than earning cashback. But for those times that your preferred shopping portal doesn't have your store listed, or when the cashback is 50% more, then I suggest using one of these cashback shopping portals. Or, if you are not interested in travel or hotels this is a good option for you. Beware though, that you don't always receive your cashback, so make sure to take lots of screenshots and read reviews before going through a portal. Don't rely on my research, I always recommend that you do your own. Below, you will find a list of lots of cashback shopping sites with list of stores and reviews. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that you can earn extra money by referring friends and family! Also, keep in mind that lot's of times you can double dip. This means that you might be able to purchase a gift card through the shopping portal and earn cashback, and then go through the shopping portal to use the gift card for further cashback.

Most Popular Cashback Shopping Sites
1) click here for your $10 Gift Card or $5 sign up bonus. Has Referral Program, up to $10/referral.
2) click here for your $5 sign up bonus. You get 20% cashback from what your referral purchases.
3) click here to check out this great site with great cashback rewards! They even have forums! You get cashback up to 5 generations of referrals.
4) is not just a cashback website, but a place to find good deals through their forums. I recently found a great deal on the Fatawallet forum. TMobile was selling a $20 phone with a $12 cashback through BigCrumbs. The phone ended up costing $9.41 with tax. This is an extremely popular cashback website. You receive cashback through PayPal or a check. This is a great place to check out basic coupons and deals for the most popular stores.
5) is a cashback website that also has a blog that lists deals. The nice thing about this website is that you can see your cashback listed in your account after only a few days after purchase. This is the only one on this list that I haven't tried.

Cashback Donation Shopping Sites
During my research I came across a unique cashback website called The reason why this site is unique is because you can donate your cashback to a charity of your choice and they will match it by 15%.  If you get your charity to place their link on their website, they will match your donated cashback to them by 20%. Until July, Amazon was awarding cashback through this Shopping Site. They hope to re-establish a relationship with Amazon. A shopper on the site pointed out that she would first purchase an Amazon Gift Certificate and receive 2% cashback and then go through the portal again to spend it for another 2% cashback for a total of 4%, not bad at all. It would be amazing if this option came back. You can either receive your cashback through Paypal, check (minimum $15) or with an E-Gift Card ($5 minimum).

College Savings/Payoff Student Loans Programs

1) 1037 stores College Savings Programs, mostly negative reviews (I agree)
2) I saw this one on the and he/she gives her/his referral code; which is 4981677. This is a college savings program or payment of student loan program. After your referral receives $25 in their account; you receive $5 in yours; they use Babymint bucks instead of dollars, but it's the same thing. The three ways to earn Babymint bucks are A)  Retail In-Store & Catalogs- making purchases to certain retailers and purchasing from their catalogs with their credit cards. B) Gift Certificates- up to 5% Rebate C) Online Shopping- they have over 300 stores to choose from.

Cashback Shopping Sites  1470 stores 539 stores no review found 1918 stores no review found 1180 stores Very good ratings, I've used them and have been satisfied. ($5 sign up bonus) 535 stores Mixed reviews 3293 stores ($3 sign up bonus) Excellent Reviews 612 stores Bad ratings, I've received my miles, but it takes a long time. 1807 stores Very good reviews 206 stores Be careful using codes, excellent reviews, often highest % from everyone. 1471 stores (after spending $25 at any one of their stores you choose from a Barnes & Nobles $10 Gift Card, $10 Target Gift Card, $5 Ebates credit etc.) 761 stores ($10 for posting on Facebook) can redeem $10 after you have another $15 in the account. I tried joining via Facebook and kept on getting an error. 1447 stores Mixed Reviews; ($5 sign up bonus) Referral Program- You get $5 bonus when referring friends; plus earn 5% cashback of your friends purchases for 1 year. Refer with link, e-mail, Twitter & Facebook. Can easily sign up in a second with Facebook or Twitter. I have my $5 in my account! 1470 stores Negative Review (based on 1 review) 1100 stores Excellent Reviews 1044 stores Excellent Reviews 1749 stores; Negative Reviews 1596 stores; Excellent Reviews 951 stores 366 stores ($5 sign up bonus) 751 stores 2401 stores Good Review Very Negative Feedback 2371 ($5 sign up bonus) Mostly great reviews, a few negative. 760 stores 1933 stores 1559 stores ($5 sign up bonus) 951 stores 1875  stores ($5 sign up bonus) Mixed reviews, either LOVE or HATE them. 549 stores; Very mixed reviews; must read terms & conditions for each cashback; either LOVE or HATE them 953 stores; no review found; earn $5 on referrals, ($3 sign up bonus) after placing first order or taking first survey. Money can be used through deposit to Paypal or used at online stores. Earn money through shopping, referrals and taking surveys. 283 stores 351 stores; Mostly negative 634 stores ($5 sign up bonus) 714 stores no review found 1847 stores; Mostly negative reviews, some positive. They have a top cash back guarantee and if they haven't met it they give you 110% cashback from their competitor. 439 stores; no review found 389 stores; no review found 895 stores Excellent reviews 1853 stores; Mostly negative reviews ($5 sign up bonus) Very mixed reviews; either LOVE or HATE them

I will keep updating this list as I have more information.
Full Disclosure: I will receive a referral for using some of my links. You certainly don't have to use them, but it would be much appreciated. Referral links include Amazon, MrRebates, Ebates, QuickRewards & Fatwallet.


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