Sunday, March 25, 2012

More Free After Rebates Through Staples - Free Ultimate Rewards Points!

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I have written about Staples Free After Rebates products before. There are four Free After Rebates (FAR) available for purchase at going on right now through the 31st of March. The first two listed below are not easyrebates, but mail in rebates. You can also only order one, per software and therefore don't gain you many miles. So in my opinion, unless you want this software it is not worth your time and effort and I won't be ordering them. The second two are both easyrebates and one can order 10 of each. For some reason I was only able to order 1 item though, of the 3rd product. I will try again tomorrow. Let me know if you have luck ordering 10 of each. The 4th product is a Boxed CD. I put out a question on the Forum asking "If I order 10 of these to a store (for no sales tax) and never pick them up, will I still receive the FAR, I will let you know what answer I receive. Or, if any one of you have done this and know, please comment below.
Find below the products that are FAR. Enjoy your free points and don't forget to go through the Ultimate Rewards Mall to receive your points! If you have a Chase Ink Card use that for even more points!

After you have ordered you will get a confirmation email. Click on the link that says "Submit your rebate online at". Your order number will be filled in, and then you will need to enter the rebate offer. This can be found in your confirmation email. Follow the instructions. When you are filling out the easyrebates make sure to click on

I would like to see other options
for my reward [Rebate Check, Staples Gift card]
and click on "rebate check" in order to receive a check that you can deposit into your bank account. They say that it will take 4-6 weeks for receive the check. Some people on Fatwallet have stated that it has taken much longer for them at time.

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